Cloud Optimisation

Cloud Optimisation

Once you have deployed resources into cloud there will be a need to optimise environments as change occurs. New and more efficient services are being offered by cloud vendors every day and BluBiz can provide guidance to help you navigate the many choices in the marketplace. We will also ensure that cloud deployments are as cost efficient as possible, based on choosing the right mix of services to suit your needs and using intelligent tools and algorithms to ensure wasted consumption is minimised.

Cloud optimisation activities should be undertaken regularly to ensure that business goals are being met and that costs are minimised. Broadly, optimisation tasks fall into two categories – performance and cost optimisation.

Performance Optimisation

Getting the most out of your cloud-based application requires some new approaches and techniques. Using best-of-breed tools and algorithms, BluBiz can show you how to size, scale, monitor, and tune your cloud deployments.

Cost Optimisation

Many public cloud offerings are designed as Pay as You Go models based on service consumption. With that in mind, elimination of unnecessary activities, removal of unnecessary resources and correct placement of resources are essential to minimise ongoing charges from Cloud vendors. Using tools and extensive experience BluBiz can assist your business to minimise its expenditure on Cloud whilst still achieving the desired business outcomes.

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