Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Safeguarding Systems, Networks, and Programs against Digital Threats

Cyber Security is our second area of multi-domain expertise. Connectivity is important, but it needs to be secure.

Robust cyber security is essential for every business. With a rising number of sophisticated threats, understanding potential impacts, implementing defences, and educating employees about cyber awareness are all crucial for risk mitigation.

BluBiz offers a unique value proposition in cyber security through our comprehensive approach to addressing our clients' security challenges. We simplify security choices and balance risk against the best return on investment.

Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

We offer comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). VAPT is crucial for identifying and mitigating security weaknesses in a proactive manner, safeguarding organisations against potential cyber threats and data breaches.

Essential Eight Framework

Our services are tailored to help your organisation achieve cyber security maturity through the Essential Eight framework. We will equip your business with essential defenses, best practices, and strategies to safeguard your digital assets, ensuring resilience and preparedness with our expert guidance.

ISO 27001 Certified

We are an ISO 27001 certified company, giving you the confidence that our Information Security Management System (ISMS) operate within the requirements for ICT consulting, architecture design, solution delivery and managed services. We can assist your business in pursuing cyber security excellence by following the Essential Eight framework, NIST, and ISO 27001 best practices.

24/7 Proactive Managed Services

We offer 24/7 proactive Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) through our dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC), giving your organisation control and visibility over the security of your digital assets. Our technicians can immediately identify, report, and remediate any potential security issues before they are exploited to ensure your business stays securely connected around the clock.

Our point of difference

The modern digital landscape has opened boundless prospects for both businesses and society at large. However, it also creates vulnerabilities that malicious groups seek to exploit.

Leverage our comprehensive cyber security services to keep your business securely connected. As an ISO 27001 certified company, you can be confident in our practice and approach in assisting your organisation reach cyber security maturity.

Cyber security is a global challenge that does not clock off at the end of the day. That is why we provide our clients with round-the-clock proactive managed services backed by our dedicated SOC team. With us, your digital assets are in safe hands, 24/7.

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