The increased deployment of cloud, SaaS, video and mobile applications has challenged IT and business managers to provide high-quality WAN services to the branch. Deploying and managing the WAN has become more challenging and costly as traffic flows decentralise.

Software Defined WAN leverages programmable network which includes an application-based policy controller to perform traffic engineering and offer wide network visibility. Using SD - WAN technology, a software overlay coupled with the underlying network provides intelligent path selection across different WAN links. Software-defined WAN (SD - WAN) is a fundamentally different approach to WAN design that better deals with the performance, economic and security challenges created by data traffic growth, cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things. The overlay network in the technology forms an encapsulated tunnel between nodes in the network that carry the traffic within the SD - WAN.

Understanding the Need for SD - WAN

Businesses and their IT teams face three major challenges:

  • Increased access cost for MPLS-based bandwidth to support application performance.
  • High complexity in branch sites deployments.
  • Architectural issues with traditional WAN that is both static and private, inhibiting the migration to dynamic and public cloud environments.

Benefits of SD - WAN

If you’re an IT or business manager, consider the following criteria when evaluating SD - WAN deployments:

  • Ease of adoption and management.
  • A key benefit of SD - WAN is that it makes deploying WAN services at the branch fast and simple. SD - WAN solutions must be straightforward to deploy, and they leverage centralized provisioning to eliminate the need for trained personnel to visit remote sites.
  • Ability to migrate to hybrid WAN. Most distributed organizations already have MPLS deployed to the branch offices. Organisations should be able to seamlessly deploy SD - WAN solutions (Internet circuits) without changing the existing MPLS network. Those organisations can, over time, migrate traffic growth toward cost-effective Internet bandwidth.
  • Automation – traffic steering. SD - WAN gives organisations the ability to prioritise traffic. The key is providing managers with easy-to-use tools for setting priorities and with features that automatically changes traffic flows according to current network conditions.

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