Multi-Factor Authentication

#CyberSecurityTips We are offering a risk-free and obligation-free analysis to understand your key priorities on high-security controls against these business threats. Check out our tips below. No matter how big or small your business is, keeping your data private is critical. Cybercriminals are after quick money. They will blind fire phishing emails in an all-too-successful bid to snare usernames and passwords while others feed huge lists of hacked logins published online into automated password-guessing tools to break into accounts at scale. Using #multifactorauthentication is like getting a free and easy deadbolt on your online accounts to go from a soft target to a hard target.

Turn on multi-factor authentication (also known as two-factor authentication and two-step authentication). It may, in the case of Google and other services, be an easy notification that appears on your phone asking you to tap to approve access. It can also exist as fingerprint readers and special USB devices.

Attackers who have managed to steal your password must also steal these checks to gain access to your account. It is a hurdle that for most cybercriminals proves too hard.

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