IdP and MFA provider

If your organisation is using an IdP and MFA provider. You can make life easier for your team while strengthening your organisation’s cybersecurity posture, improving compliance, and increasing visibility without adding tasks to your team.

here are 5 reasons to keep them in sync:

  • General security hygiene. Keeping user names and deletion in sync to avoid two split-brain databases is always a good idea – you never know when you are going to try to research an issue.
  • User deletion. For both compliance and security reasons, if I delete a user, I want him gone from all my databases. Almost every IDP has 50% ghost accounts & cleaning them up is important.
  • Reset the user’s credentials. For lost phones and mistaken registration. Allowing for a simple way to reset from one place that permeates everywhere.
  • Policy is king. Keeping the data in sync allows to create dynamic policies that traverse the single provider.
  • Reporting. Providing meaningful reports, with groups in place can show specific admins how their domains look like.

Today, we are implementing SDWAN solutions with multiple vendors and it’s a testament to our team’s capability and our honest approach towards our valued clients. Get to know more how BluBiz Solutions help enterprises simplify their security experience with better visibility and greater operational efficiency at [email protected]