Exploring the Architecture of SD-WAN: Building Better Connections

Exploring the Architecture of SD-WAN: Building Better Connections

Exploring the Architecture of SD-WAN: Building Better Connections

Exploring the Architecture of SD-WAN: Building Better Connections

Architecture of SD-WAN

The first blog in our SD-WAN series started to talk about what SD-WAN is. Here we will explore the architecture of SD-WAN in greater detail.

SD-WAN is a virtual WAN architecture, which gives businesses a way to use a combination of connectivity options, including MPLS, LTE, 4G and broadband internet, to connect end-users to the business’ applications, no matter where they are in the world. SD-WAN architecture is application driven and gives you faster, more reliable, and more secure access to your applications.

Where can SD-WAN architecture be deployed?

  • On location
  • In the cloud, or a multi-cloud environment
  • Using the cloud plus backbone architecture

On location

SD-WAN starts with a hardware device on location (though this can be virtual too, instead of a physical device). Network personnel can centrally manage and access this device. With on-location deployment, SD-WAN connects business locations, data centres and even Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.

On-location SD-WAN solutions are perfect for businesses who aren’t operating with cloud-based infrastructure.

The Cloud

Businesses need cloud-enabled SD-WAN architecture when they use Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). If a business uses multiple cloud networks, a multi-cloud SD-WAN solution will need to be deployed. Either option is achieved by installing a virtual machine/s into the cloud infrastructure. For example, this could be AWS or Azure, or both at the same time if the business utilises more than one cloud network.

Cloud based deployments are a great solution for businesses using cloud-based services, such as Microsoft Office, AWS, and Salesforce.

Cloud, plus backbone

With this option, your business is connected to your SD-WAN provider’s nearest point of presence (POP), and your traffic piggybacks on the backbone of its private network. This improves the performance of your network traffic, particularly voice and video, in real-time.

Cloud-enabled plus backbone solutions are perfect for businesses that are aiming to eliminate MPLS, and who are also running a lot of real-time applications, such as video and voice-based applications.

Types of SD-WAN deployment

  • In house: In this self-sufficient approach, your internal IT team spearheads every aspect of SD-WAN deployment, from inception to operation.
  • Co-managed: Finding balance, co-managed SD-WAN solutions allow your business to take charge of specific elements while entrusting a managed service provider with the rest.
  • Managed services: Partnering with specialised providers, like BluBiz Solutions, streamlines the implementation and management of your SD-WAN deployment.

Partnering for Success: How can we help?

Our team of professionals at BluBiz Solutions help businesses secure their networks with future-proof SD-WAN solutions. We will discuss your business needs with you, and craft a bespoke SD-WAN solution to solve your networking needs, ensuring that the solution is fast, scalable and secure.

With a commitment to exceptional service delivery, our team at BluBiz Solutions will help your business with its digital transformation to embrace SD-WAN solutions. We not only deploy SD-WAN solutions – we offer managed services to our clients as well. We can add value to your business’ digital transformation by being able to handle both the deployment and management of your SD-WAN architecture for you.

Connect with us today and let’s get the conversation started on what a BluBiz SD-WAN solution would look like for your business, and we can help you understand all your architecture needs. Let’s get the conversation started today.

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